And then there were three

My third song, "Bonfire" (aka Secret Song #2) is finally done. Well.. it's about 95% done - I want to tighten up the production quality a little bit and add a couple of things here and there. You know, like vocals.

You can listen to the instrumental only track on my Myspace page.

A couple of things I'm still working on are:

1) The main verse riff could be a little tighter
2) The bass only part doesn't sound quite right
3) The transition into the solo needs something, but perhaps having the vocals will fix that

Also I'm not giving away my tricks, but I tried a new technique for the solo and I like the way it came out (hope you guys do too). Let me know what you think.



Stayed up until 3:45 am last night working on the new song...

...and it was totally worth it. The new single, Bonfire (I'm just going to call all my songs singles since they come out one at a time) is almost done, and it kicks some major buttox. Get ready for some drop D and a half, some chorus/flanger, some wah wah, and some finger tapping (and some finger tapping and wah wah at the same time).

So... tired...



Back on the saddle again...

Quick update.

Not much new has happened but after giving up on Bonfire for a while I started working on it again yesterday. Originally the bridge part was a little confusing because I couldn't get the timing right with the click track, which led me to believe there was an extra beat or a beat missing or something. After carefully writing out the notes in "musical notation" (I use that term loosely) I realized it was actually in standard 4/4 but I was playing it too fast. So now that I've figured this out I'm taking another shot at the song.

The revised, slower bridge is cool because it sounds heavy as shit and also allows me to pretend like I'm soloing faster just because I can fit more notes in due to the slower tempo. Every musician has a trick up his sleeve and that's mine!

Also, I've been working a lot on my drum technique and for this song I've been coming up with pretty decent fills, so when the song comes out, keep an (ear?) out for them.



Moving along

Just finished work on the EP version of Backing Out, the only song that anyone knows the lyrics too. There have been many changes to the song since the days of Edmonds 819 - the tempo is faster, the recording quality is leaps and bounds better, the bridge is much better, and all the guitar parts are doubled and panned hard left/right. Most importantly though, I've added a ridiculously cheesy intro with ambient rain sounds, violin, and cello. It's epic.

Also wanted to point out that I absolutely love MIDI. With my MIDI keyboard alone I have access to hundreds of really interesting sounds... so sit tight. I'm sure there will be more MIDI awesomeness to come.

Today I start work on what I'm still referring to as The Concerto of Impending Doom (because it doesn't have lyrics yet). Usually what takes the longest is recording the drums; while the drums in this song aren't too complex, making them interesting is going to be hard given the fast tempo of the song. We'll see what I can do!

Anyway, I'm off to set up the equipment and start over again. Later kids.



First post

Hi everyone.

If you're reading this on or near the date of its publishing (ironically, Friday August 13th...) then consider yourselves lucky - you've got a top-secret-behind-the-scenes-all-access-pass to everything Hachness Epidemic related. I'll be posting recording updates, photos, song clips, news, and other fun things throughout the recording process, and hopefully afterwards as well!

Right now I've got one "studio ready" song recorded (Wednesday's Ashes) and am finishing up work on the second, Backing Out. If I can stick to my schedule I should have instrumentals for all 5 EP songs done by the first week of September, at which point I'll bring in Keith to do vocals. So if everything goes according to plan, I should have an EP recorded, polished, and ready by mid to late September.